Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Nortono Antivirus

The privacy policy of Nortono is in accordance with the U.S Safe Harbor privacy principles including principles related to Data integrity, Access and Enforcement, and Security. Nortono is fully committed to insulating the visitor's personal information by sincerely adhering to the privacy laws.

Regarding the use of Cookies

Cookies have a series of character and are not very heavy files. They are transferred to the system of a user by the websites which are surfed. They optimize the quality of the service by saving user preferences and tracking user trends. All the web browsers accept cookies by default, but users can alter settings and refuse such cookies entering their system. The personal information stored in cookies is vulnerable to misuse, but Nortono Antivirus makes use of cookies only for advertising purposes.

It must be noted that the third party vendors like Google make use of cookies only to serve ads based on user's browsing history. Users must be aware of the fact that all Nortono online stores utilize cookies and users will be taken to the store in accordance with the location from where they are purchasing.


The best part of Nortono Antivirus privacy policy is that they do not ask for the credit card details on their web site but only when the users land on their online stores to make a purchase. Users must be Rest assured that this information will be encrypted on Symantec's secure servers. Nortono has a strict Privacy Policy, which comprehensively explains the handling of the personal information given by users. It is recommended to users to go through the privacy policy meticulously.

Finally, when a user will intimate the Nortono offices via emails, a record for such conversations will be kept for future references, and optimize the response time and services. The conversation or the personal will be kept under watertight security and users need not worry regarding any leakage.

The Ongoing Relevancy

Nortono review their policies and procedures frequently to remain in tune with the trend and do not become redundant. There is absolute transparency and users must feel free to give their suggestions, or ask queries regarding the Nortono Antivirus privacy policy. Users can post their queries on the online forums or can send them through emails as well.

Also, users must keep that in mind that due to increasing reliance on technology, the changes made to the policy will be posted on the website itself and users must regularly update their knowledge by visiting the website.