Why Need To Uninstall Norton Antivirus from MAC

2017-01-10 10:22:55 Remove|Uninstall Norton Antivirus For MAC

Before knowing the procedure it is important for you to know the reason behind this removal act. Norton makes you secure, but the security solution requires an uninstallation, in certain cases. So, let us discuss why you should uninstall and remove Norton Antivirus for Mac PC. Norton recruits many background processes that take a lot of memory and CPU usage. It doesn’t allow the other programs to perform well which is undesired sometimes, in some instances. The Apple Company releases regular security updates which keep the Mac users away from the online attacks. Moreover, the Mac OS X comes with built-in malware protection.

How to uninstall Norton applications from Mac?

1.Open the Applications folder
2.Go to the Symantec Solutions section and double-click on it
3.Now you will need to select the check box that is located next to the Norton applications
4.Select only those programs that are needed to be uninstalled
5.Hit the Uninstall button then, after confirmation
6.Visit the Authenticate window now
7.Type your administrator account password here
8.Once you press the OK button, the Restart button will appear on your screen
9.We recommend you to hit it for preceding the uninstallation process
10.All the selected programs will be uninstalled from your Mac

Uninstall Norton Security for Mac

RemoveSymantecMacFiles Removal Utility allows you to remove the Norton flawlessly. In fact, it is the official uninstaller. So, the first thing is to download the utility program after uninstall Norton Security for Mac. Here is how you can remove your security solution, completely.

1.Download the RemoveSymantecMacFiles.zip file and unzip it
2.Use an Administrator account to logged in to your Mac
3.Make double-click to open this removal tool now
4.Type Open.RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command on application warning dialog box
5.You need to enter your Mac OS X administrator password once it is open
6.Press the Return key, then
7.The removal of Symantec files and folders can be done by pressing the 1 key
8.Close the open applications
9.Please press the Y key and Return key, one after another
10.Restart your computer to remove the Norton from your Mac

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