Rectifying Norton not Working After Restore Windows System

2016-12-16 05:18:16 Norton is not Working After System Restore?

Using a personal computer without any problem is everyone’s wish. However it does not usually happen as many technical hitches might come up which just thwart your work and decrease your productivity. If you are using a Norton antivirus then you should be ready to welcome distinct issues in it. One of the common glitch seen is the non-working of norton antivirus after restoring Windows System. If your Norton is not working after windows system restore, then you can use three steps which have been mentioned below:-


Try Running System Restore by using Safe Mode

  1. Restart your PC and hit F8
  2. You can also try using safe mode by entering msconfig in the field Start Search and thereby enabling the option safe mode
  3. Once you are in safe mode, then you need to type “System” in Start Search field & hit Enter once you see system restore option highlighted


By Configuring Disk Space Usage

1. first of all open Start Search and type create restore in it
2. Once you see “create a restore point” option highlighted, then press Enter

3. Next click Configure button

4. now open Start Search and type Disk Cleanup in it
5. Next right click on the first option and select Run as Administrator

6. Now click More Options
7. Next click on clean up

By Trying System image Backup Programs

1. First you need to type ‘system repair’ or ‘repair’ in Start Search and follow further steps

2. Now open your Start Search box and enter ‘back up’

3. Click on the option create a system image
4. After it you can save this system image anywhere


norton Deleted After System Restore !! Why ?

norton users are much affected when their norton program does not work after a system restore. Actually it is possible that the system restore might have corrupted your installation and deleted your norton program. In these situations you need to remove your norton program first and then you need to download it again to use it.

Many norton users experience that norton is not working after windows system restore and can try the above said steps to solve this problem. However if they fail to get this information, then they can get online support from the norton tech support officials who endeavors to rectify this error in a quick way. They are all set to provide guaranteed ways to fix your glitches once you contact them. Hence if you are among the hapless users who are tensed as their norton is not working after windows system restore, then call Norton Antivirus tech support toll free number directly.

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