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2018-03-09 07:15:18 How To Update Norton Internet Security

how to update norton internet security

Want to get the ultimate experience of the Norton? Here’s all you need to do


Norton Antivirus is widely used software which protects the computer against the malware and other harmful online viruses. But, installing the same is not enough because new viruses are emerging frequently in the digital world and to prevent their attack Norton keeps updating its features. So, all the Norton users must update the products periodically.


However, if you are unaware of the same need to know, ‘How to update Norton Internet Security?’, then you will be glad to know there are two processes through which you can update the Norton, i.e. Manual and Automatic. Both the methods are described below which will help you to perform the task in an efficient way.


How to Update Norton Internet Security?

Automatic Method

  • On the taskbar of your computer screen, you will find the icon of Norton Antivirus; click on it to open.
  • In the Home Page, you will get few tabs at the top of the page, click on ‘Options’.
  • Move to ‘Norton Antivirus Subscription’ section and click on ‘Automatic Live Update’ and keep it in ON mode.
  • Thereafter, the Norton will download all the updated files.


However, if you wish to download the updates from the Norton Center, then get through the steps provided below.


Update from Norton Center


  • Open Browser and go to the official website of the Norton.
  • Sign-in to the Account with Norton credentials.
  • Move to the Devices pages and navigate to the ‘Update’ icon.
  • Verify your product and click on ‘Update’ button.
  • Soon, the Norton will update the product with the latest files.


Manual Update

  • Open Norton Antivirus from your Computer.
  • Click on ‘Run Live Update’ located in the Menu bar.
  • After clicking on it, the Norton will start the update process and when it is finished, you will see the list of installed files in the Norton.
  • After completing the above process restart your device for the changes to take effect.


Sometimes, users failed to update the Norton because Live Update stops responding. This is a common issue and can be fixed easily. The troubleshooting steps are provided below which will help you to fix it in an efficient manner.


Why Norton Live Update not Working?


This issue arises due to server error or improper selection of the Norton and windows OS. And as a result, you get compatibility error. To fix the same, go through the steps listed beneath.

1. Go to the official website of the Norton and download the ‘definition’ files from the same by clicking on the link Intelligent Updater

2. This link will direct you to the download section of the definition files.

3. Now select the Norton Product and also make sure to select the correct version of the same.

4. After selecting the file, click on Download Link.

5. After the completion of the Download process, double-click on the downloaded file to run.

6. Thereafter, updater page will appear, click on ‘Yes’ to proceed further.

7. Soon, the updater will update the definition files and when it is completed, you will be free from this issue.


Now, enjoy the salient features of the Norton Antivirus. However, if you failed to get the latest version of the Norton, then dial on Norton Internet Security Latest Version Number. The geeks will offer the latest version of the Norton and will help you to download the same. They work around the clock, so you can reach anytime for the assistance.

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