Disable The Norton Antivirus Internet Security on Windows 7

2016-12-16 07:17:10 How To Turn Off Norton Antivirus on Windows 7

Norton has always been referred through the outstanding and optimised operating software that has introduced for providing protection to the computers including the mobile devices. This specific software provides protection to the users through all the sides means through all the modes. Through using this users may expect the proper scanning for their system. But after such assurance users may come through the technical issue where the antivirus software would stop to function or doesn’t show any response. For such situations users need to do the instant connection to the technical team of Norton that works over all the time to come up with unique solutions.


How To Turn off Norton Antivirus on Windows 7?

Need to disable the Norton antivirus and smart firewall - 


First Step: Disable Norton Via Task Bar

Users are first required to click over small triangle on the Windows taskbar for opening the notification area.  

It is now time to do punch over the Norton Internet Security icon for getting a list of options that would be related to the security suite.


2nd Step: Turn-Off Norton Antivirus Through Smart Firewall

1. It is time to choose the option for “Disable Smart Firewall” for doing the temporarily shut down of the firewall.

2. It is now time to use the “Select the duration” drop-down through the Security Request window for choosing a duration for the temporary shutdown

3. Users may now choose the button for “OK” to activate. It’s best to shut down the firewall only for the duration of whatever task you’re attempting to complete.


3rd Step: Disable Antivirus Via Norton Control Panel

  1. At same time users may choose “Disable AntiVirus” for temporarily disabling the antivirus protection.
  2. Through the Disable Smart Firewall option, the software of Norton prompts for choosing a duration for the shutdown.
  3. It is time now to choose the button for “OK” for the activation of the shutdown.
  4. The system would be exposed to the threats when the antivirus and firewall are disabled.


Users need to control the Norton toolbar:

  1. Users are required to choose button for “View,” followed through choosing “Toolbars” and with unchecking Norton toolbar through the desired browser
  2. The button for“OK” for saving the settings changes.
  3. Users need to turn off the Norton automatic renewal
  4. First the users need to navigate the Norton Management website and should do the log in to the site.
  5. It is now time to scroll down to “Automatic Renewal” for viewing all the products that has been renewed.
  6. Users may now choose the slider for changing the automatic renewal to the “Off” position.
  7. There is need to do sign out through the Norton account.


Through applying the above technique the above given problem that has been referred as how to disable Norton auto protect? including all the other categorical threats related to Norton would get solved instantly without any special effort. For solving the issues expert would take the remote access of the users system and comes on the conclusion how to go about it.


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