How To Remove Virus Without Antivirus in Windows 7

2018-04-13 06:13:14 How To Remove Virus from Windows 7 using CMD Without Antivirus

Remove computer virus using cmd

Virus entered in your computer and you don’t have antivirus, No need to worry. Here is the solution.


When computer has become a basic need of everyone’s life, People has also started facing issue with it and when you don’t antivirus in your computer then this problem increase a thousand folds because in this highly technological boomed era people are full-fledged using internet in your computer without using any protection can cause your computer at high risk.


A computer virus is a type of malicious software program ("malware") that, when executed, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code. When this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be "infected" with a computer virus. There are many method by which virus enters your computer if illegally copied versions of the software were installed on a computer, the virus would also copy itself onto the machine. The user of the pirated software received an imbedded message stating that his or her computer was infected with a virus and that the user would need to contact the brothers immediately for “inoculation.” Before starting the virus removal process, make sure that all of your important data is backed up. This will ensure that nothing of value is lost if the computer has to be completely reformatted, and you can get back up and running with minimal time invested.


There are many ways from where the antivirus to your computer. Some of them is Internet Browsing, From USB devices and also by installing some infected software. Without any second thought u should only think about how to remove the virus as soon as possible. If by any means virus has entered your computer and you started facing problem with the virus in your windows operating system then the first question comes in your mind is that How to remove virus without antivirus in windows 7.


There are different methods which can help you to resolve this issue. You just have to follow the simple steps which are written below and your life become easy as it was before.


Know How To Remove computer viruses, Using Command Prompt;


1) In first step You should follow is to click on start button and type cmd and now right click on the cmd icon and select Run as administrator. When you click the administrator a command prompt window will be open and now you must know that where the virus has effected in your computer i.e on which drive is virus has affected.

run as administrator


2) In second step let say the virus is in your Drive D. So now you should type ‘dir D:attrib –s –h /s/d*.*’ and after entering this command on the command prompt you should press enter.

Dir D


3) As soon as you select the drive and enter the command in the command prompt ,it will start exploring the whole folder where the virus is detected.


4) if you notice any unusual file.exe and any autorun.inf type of file then rename that file with command (rename filename.extension new filename)

autorun file


These are the steps which you should follow to remove the virus without purchasing any antivirus and it is a very small process as well and no technical knowledge indeed needed. We hope that this content will help you to resolve your issue.

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