How to Remove Virus from Pendrive without Losing Data

2018-04-14 06:37:14 How To Remove Virus From Pendrive Without Losing Data

how to remove virus from pen drive

How to remove virus from Pendrive without losing data, many time we can see that all of our data on our pendrive, they are neither readable nor writable, which points to null. All our original data will be hidden and what we can see on the screen is only all shortcuts with the original document names.


If there are some important data that you are carrying in Pendrive then you can't not just simply  go ahead and format  the pendrive, you simply need to remove virus from your pendrive without losing data and here is the best way  to remove virus from your pendrive without losing data.


How To Remove Virus From Pendrive Using Cmd


One of the files  that you will find in a pendrive that was effected by virus is autorun.inf which is  autorun virus file, which utilizes autorun.inf feature in Windows OS which is the one responsible  to launch programs/documents that are in Pendrives, removable disk, memory cards and so on. Never touch this file, when you insert removable disk/Pendrive and double tap on the drive to open it, this autorun.inf document will execute and infect files in your PC. Autorun.inf file will then duplicates to all drives in your PC by making number of duplicates of same file and executes there. This way, this file will infect all documents in your PC.


You have to follow these steps on your Windows PC after connecting your Pendrive to PC. These steps help to remove virus without losing data.

remove virus from pen drive using cmd

1. Press Win+R keys, this will open Run window.

2. Type cmd and click Enter key. This will open command prompt on your Windows PC.

3. Make sure that your Pendrive is connected to your PC and don’t open the drive as I said before that autorun.inf file will execute and will infect files in your computer.

4. Then in command prompt (cmd), type attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.* command and press Enter Key. Here replace letter f with your own, go to My Computer (This PC in Win 8,8,1,10) and check the drive letter.

5. This will permanently delete all shortcut viruses from your Pendrive within few seconds. 


Utilize Antivirus Software:


In case that the above explained steps or instruction fail to remove the virus from your pen drive, simply make utilization  good and trustworthy antivirus software which are available in plenty in market. Ensure you generally utilize the updated version of the antivirus as they give complete security and protect the more current dangers.


Format your pen drive:


This is the last choice to get rid of virus from your pen drive. Even if the antivirus software couldn't remove the virus from your pendrive at that point, go for "Quick Format". Before performing this option, ensure you have taken Backup of your whole data on your pen drive.


  1. Go to Start – > click on My Computer (newer Windows use Computer).
  2. From the drives list locate your pen drive and right click on it.
  3. Now, select Quick Format option, hit “Yes” when asked for confirmation.


With this your pen drive will be formatted successfully this remove the virus from pendrive. Now just simply restore back your backup data. In case that you don't have back up copy, at that point you will lose your data completely. This is because formatting deletes the entire data store in your pendrive. Hence, remember to take data backup before formatting. In case you don’t have data backup and you lost your whole data don't get worry, make utilization of the Remo Recover software and restore your data back. This software will help you to get back your entire data even after formatting your pen drive.

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