How Can I Delete Virus from my Computer Without Antivirus ?

2018-05-11 06:10:20 How To Remove Virus From Laptop using CMD?

how to remove laptop virus using cmd

One way that a virus can infect your computer is by copying yourself through USB / Flash drives. Some viruses, such as "Ravmon", "NEW Folder.exe", "Orkut banned", etc. distributed via USB disk. Most anti-virus programs are not able to detect them, and even if the antivirus does this, then it may not delete the virus files, but only put them in quarantine. To remove virus from laptop you will need the best options now.


How To Remove Virus from Laptop Using CMD?


There are situations when the Windows desktop cannot exit. Then the same operation can be implemented only in the windows boot menu select "Safe mode with command line support". Let us know see how to remove virus from laptop using cmd -


As before, during the start of the boot, press F8 until the options for the operating system startup menu appear.


Steps 1. 

Choose "Safe mode with command line support" and press "Enter"

When the download finishes, the command processor tab cmd.exe


We need to start the "Restore the operating system". To do this, write rstrui.exe on the command line and click ENTER. We all went into the system recovery of the operating system.


Steps 2.


Click "Next." A new window appears where you need to get a complete list of recovery points for the operating system. To do this, select "Show other recovery points".


Steps 3.


Click "Next" and select the Windows restore point

system restore


Steps 4.


Click "Next" and the "List of affected programs" window appear. Those programs that were installed after the creation of a system restore point and which may require reinstallation, since the registry will not have associated records.


Click "Finish". When the process of restoring the operating system is complete, the computer will reboot and a message will be displayed on the successful or unsuccessful result of the rollback and, in case of a positive result, Windows will return to the state that corresponded to the date of the recovery point creation.


In the case of an unsuccessful Windows recovery configuration, you can use one more method to remove viruses using Registry Editor.


If one of the above files is present on the disk, the USB drive is infected. On the command line and press Enter. This command will remove such attributes as: read-only, Archive, system and hidden. Now just delete these files with the DEL command. For example Del Ravmon.exe. Therefore, delete any suspicious files. Now disconnect the USB Drive and reconnect it. In most cases, the real culprit is the "autorun.inf" file, which is run when the user clicks the OK button in the self-timer dialog box. This is not a big, but useful advice.

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