What Is The Method To Remove The Hidden Attribute File And Folder

2018-06-19 06:53:20 How To Remove Hidden Files Virus Using Cmd?

how to remove hidden file virus

There are several occasions when you want to remove hidden attribute to unhide folders and files by using PC or USB. Here, you can see the two simple methods to unhide the hidden folders and files. It may happen that you have seen some hidden files in the PC or USB. Such kind of files attribute may have changed by virus or by the help of manual mistake. At occasions, if you remove hidden and read-only attributes from files, there is leverage to delete virus files. In this tutorial, you can see the way to unhide hidden files by using windows option and attrib command.


How many ways are to show hidden the files and folders?


If you want to know the several ways to hide the file and folder on your Windows device, you need to read below instruction easily.


Rule No-1- How to show hidden file Windows from file explorer:


  • Go to the Windows button and select the start button to choose the file explorer.
  • Expand the menu bar and toggle the menu bar by selecting the upper and right portion of the Windows.
  • Now you can select the view tab and check out the hidden option.
  • Check the box to view hidden items and select the view button to close eventually.   


Rule No-2- How to show hidden file from the control panel:


  • Go to the start button and select the control button.
  • Select the Appearance and personalization, select File Explorer options and click view tab.
  • Now you have to scroll down a bit and change the hidden files and folders.
  • Go to the derive option from there and uncheck the hide protected operating system files.
  • Now you can check your hidden file now where you have saved through the search bar.


Rule No-3 How to show hidden files using cmd:


  • Go to the start button and select the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Navigate to drive whose files are hidden and you want to recover the hidden files.
  • You need to type Attib –s –h/s /d, enter the name of the file and hit the enter button.
  • Now search out the file that you have hidden finally.


If you got the file which you had saved, your command has been successes eventually. Thus, there are other several ways guiding you to hide and show the files comfortably.  


How to remove hidden attribute file and folder?


There are number of ways by which you can remove hidden attribute file and folder. Here, you can see the two different methods:


1st method for removing the hidden attribute:


Individual needs to right click on the hidden file or folder.


There is needed to go into “Properties”. Now, you can see the “Properties” window which is shown in below screenshot.


Also, you need to remove uncheck the option of “Hidden” near “attributes.” User may also uncheck read-only attribute.


Tap the option to “Apply”. The option of “Confirm attribute changes” window will appear to you in the below screenshot.


There is needed to make sure that you have checked the option like “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files”.


Select the option to “OK”. Tap the option of “OK”.


Now, the hidden attribute from your file or folder has been removed


2nd method to remove hidden attribute by using cmd


How to remove virus using cmd Attrib?


It is a most efficient method for removing the virus. These are the guidelines that you need to follow:


Individual should first plug-in in the pen drive, when you want to unhide hidden files from your pen drive. It is required for you note down the pen drive’s drive letter. ‘G’ can be denoted as the pen drive’s drive letter. In such circumstances, when you want to unhide hidden files from the PC drives, there is not required to use the pen drive.


You need to open the command prompt. As you may use normal command prompt, it is suggested you to run the command prompt as administrator. If you are running cmd as admin, it can be used with full privileges. When you use windows 8 or later version, you should know the way to run command prompt as admin in windows 8 or later versions. When you use earlier version of Windows, it is required for you to go by the following procedure:


Individual needs to navigate to “Start” and then to the “Run” option. It is now need to enter “cmd.” Select the option of “OK” and tap on “command prompt.”Select the option to “Run as Administrator.”


You may see the command prompt with admin privileges. It is just required for you to type attrib -h -s -r -a g:\*.* /s /d and click “Enter.”


The above given command will remove hidden, read-only including the archived attributes from all files in drive ‘G’. There is even facility to replace ‘g’ from any of the computer drive letters. There is even need to use switches ‘/s’ and ‘/d’ for applying command to all sub folders and directories.


It is now needed to remove all attributes from all files. You may even see and delete any file.


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