What The Users Need To Do When They Wants Installation For Norton On The Android Phone

2017-01-04 08:29:21 How To Install Norton Security on Android Phone

As the time is moving fast through the increasing pace of the technology the number of threats has also get increase. That is why it always requires that users should choose the relliable option. To justify such reliability, Norton antivirus software has been launched to remove all categorical threats through the computer system. This antivirus software gives the complete protection through all around when there is chance to have infection in the computer system.

All the users who are accessing their laptops and the other operating device need not to frighten because Norton is the complete solution for all the virus related problems. But may there would be occasions when the users need help through the customer care team for solving the technical issues.To be in contact of the customer care team, users are required to dial the help number that is easy to reach from number of locations.

What is the use of Norton security on Android phone?

Through using the Norton antivirus security on the Android phone, users are able to protect the device in all the ways. The existing as well as the other categorical future threats could be easily be avoided through using Norton. To handle the major critical situations there is technical team that always works through day and night to come up with easy and advanced solutions.


How do I install Norton security on Android phone?

Through the android device,users need to launch the “Google play store” application

Users are now required to search for the Norton antivirus software and should choose the application of Norton app through the search results

From there users need to choose the button for “Install” that would be followed through the option for “Accept to install the app

After the installation would be finished, users are require to choose the button for “Open

The license and agreement need to be read carefully and after that users should choose the option for “Agree and launch

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