How The Different Norton Antivirus Errors Would Get Solved

2016-12-28 12:18:14 How To Fix Norton Update Failed Error?

Norton is one of the updated antivirus software that is used to clear the system through all types of malware'sand spyware. After using this particular antivirus software users would never complaint about the system infection because it does the scanning for the users system on regular basis. But for the situations when the antivirus software started to cause regular interruption while scanning and stops to respond,it is required to report the issue through the customer support team that has been appointed to come up with unique and more accurate solutions.

What are the different issues related to Norton for which the customer care is providing assistance?

Following are the problems for which the users could expect instant solution:

Why Norton error 8504 and 104 windows 7 has not been solved?

First the individuals are required to use “Norton remove and reinstall”tool and run it for removing the Norton.

Users could do the Uninstallation of any-non Symantec security tools:

  • First users should go into Control Panel that would be followed through the option for “Uninstall or change a program”and should remove all non-Symantec related programs.


From there users need to update the Video graphics driver:

  • First users need to go in “Device Manager” that would be followed through the option for “Display adaptors”


It is now time to right click over the HD graphics card that would be followed through the option for ”Properties”

Through the “Driver tab”, users are required to check for available updates

For the situations when the driver updates are available, users need to download and install the latest version of the graphics card driver.

The computer system could be restart now


How to Fix Norton Update Failed Error?

This problem mostly obtained when the users would start getting the errors codes such as 3048 and 3.To deactivate such problem users are required to go through the below given guidelines:-

1. First the users need to introduce “Norton”
2. It is now time to go in the “Security” that has been followed through “LiveUpdate”
3. Users are required to wait for few time so, that the update would be finish
4. From there users need to choose the button for “OK”
5. It is now time to run the LiveUpdate till they would not get the message “Your Norton product has the latest protection updates” which will appear on the screen
6. Along with that users need to restart the computer.
7. For the situations if the above performed actions wouldn’t solve the problem,users are required to run the “Norton remove and reinstall” tool


For the situations users would not be satisfy through the solution of the above given problems and demands the further help,uses need to do instant connection through the customer care team that is responsible to look over all the technical issues whether it is Norton live update error or some other categorical threats.The tech support team is available through the complete hours for helping the users through best solutions based on the advanced techniques.Mostly the technique through which the problem would get solved is the remote access that is quite easy to apply and the problem would get solved instantly.For solving thorough this technique the experts would take the control of the users system where they ask for the permission before doing that.For contacting the support team it would be always goo d to dial the help number that would be easy to find on customer service site.

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