Everything You Need To Know About Norton Antivirus Activation

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Norton Antivirus Product Activation Cracked

Norton antivirus is one of the world’s best antivirus which is utilized by the billions of users across the world. In this article you will learn about the best technique to activate a Norton product.

A month ago, Symantec reported that they will add Product activation technology to all of its products which is used by the consumers of worldwide. It is beginning with Norton Antivirus 2004. The main purpose of taking this action is to keep safe from thieves who offer fake Symantec program to users on the Web. The organization estimates that 3.6 millions boguscopies are sold every year.

The measure may help lighten the fake issue, however the Norton antivirus activation itself is not precisely waterproof. There are no problems for Register to find a key generator on the Web and installing a Norton Antivirus 2004 on a few PCs without Symantec knowing it.

How To Activate Norton?

You can activate your Norton product smoothly with the help of product key. If you have no idea to activate Norton, then apply the following steps:-

1. First of All open your computer and then start your Norton product.

2. Now tap on the Activate Now under the Norton product window.

3. Now tap on the I have a key or code to enter.

4. After that, enter your product key into the given box.

5. Now tap on the Next.

6. Now follow the instructions and then tap on the Done to complete the process.

Norton Activation Key Through CD

Every times while you purchase any product along with a CD, then you need to connect to a product key which is imprinted on the CD sleeve. At that point, wizard checks the configuration of hardware, serial number of hard drive. According to this data, your product makes an alphanumeric code and send this code to Symantec through the web. Sometimes this wizard prompts you to call an automated telephone number to complete the activation process.

Sometimes if the activation of the Norton products fails, then this key generator won't just furnish you with a serial number also provides a final unlock code. After that, you don’t have any need to call on these automated phone number. This key generator won't work with the trial versions of Norton products. It is one of the best technique of product activation.

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